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The Throne of Elijah 

white Elijah  pillowcase .jpg

The pillowcase to the left is one that Hazzan Glantz brings to nearly every bris to adorn the Throne of Elijah.  From a simple folding chair to the most ornate, a chair is used for the sandek to sit and hold baby on a pillow.  


Similar to Elijah's cup on the Passover seder table, the  כּוֹס שֶל אֵלִיָהוּ - kos shel Eliyahu -  some families also set aside a separate chair.  One that no one sits on, it is reserved for Elijah the Prophet.  Any chair can be decorated however one chooses. The one right below was the fun project of the older siblings at a bris Hazzan officiated.


Also pictured on this page are the ornate chairs that some synagogues use for this holy act.

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