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About Hazzan (Cantor) Howard Glantz


With over 30 years of service since 1991, Rabbi Hazzan Howard K. Glantz, a certified Moyel, has been serving the community in the sacred ritual of Brit Milah - ritual circumcision. Obstetricians, pediatricians, rabbis, midwives doulas, baby nurses, and birthing centers eagerly supply his contact information to families seeking circumcision for their male newborns.


From educating parents on preparations for the ceremony to the infant’s post-circumcision care, Rabbi Glantz is dedicated to ensuring parents a minimum of stress and a maximum of simcha (joy) from the whole experience. Regarding his reasons for becoming a moyel Hazzan Glantz said, “My goal has always been to serve my community in as broad a way as possible. Following my cantorial education, I decided to train as a moyel in the hope that I can pass the inheritance of Jewish tradition and ritual from one generation to the next.”

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Having matriculated as a Conservative Hazzan, Hazzan Glantz enrolled and received certification in 1990 as a moyel through the Brit Kodesh program at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America in New York.


He received extensive training at the Jacobi Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He was fortunate to study under primary instructor, Dr. Jacob Shragowitz, a highly respected physician and Moyel in his own right, whose family lineage has included a number of rabbis and moyels.

Hazzan Glantz is in regular contact with several physicians. This keeps him up to date on the latest products and information regarding pain management, procedural equipment, wound care and penile conditions.

A rabbi too? Yes, in 2018, now Rabbi Hazzan Howard K. Glantz embarked on a course of study at the Academy for Jewish Religion in Yonkers, NY.  In April of 2023, Howard received semicha (rabbinic ordination) in a very moving ceremony. You can view a segment here.




“Through the care and attention I offer, it’s my hope that families will explore or re-examine the role that Jewish ritual and practice can play in their everyday lives. I hope that I can tip the scales, if you will, so that new growing families might wish to find more meaning in Judaism.  This can range from affixing a mezuzah to their doorpost to attending synagogue services more regularly and introducing their children to some type of religious education," said Hazzan Glantz.


ISince 1991, serving in the holy capacity of moyel, Rabbi Glantz has made it a point of personal pride to be as flexible and accessible as possible in order to accommodate the needs of the families he serves. He has traveled to ceremonies on foot or by car, taxi, bus, train and even airplane in order to participate in the ancient ritual of the bris, which is a cornerstone of Jewish life for a male child.


Rabbi Hazzan Howard K. Glantz and his wife Dayna reside in Montgomery County, PA.  They have four children who make them feel equally blessed and proud. And who could forget Luna, Luna the Poodle. 


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