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From Hazzan Glantz you will receive two certificates.


A  certificate is nice to have for your records and typically Rabbi Hazzan Glantz will bring one he has custom made with your son's Hebrew and English names.  There is a place for you to include your clergy that may be co-officiating as well as any participants or relatives.  


Some have enjoyed the end result of designating a spot for the certificate to rest and giving everyone in attendance the opportunity to sign all over the front and back.  Years into the future, it will serve as a record of who was there that day by their own hand. Below you can view a sample certificate.



The second certificate often brings a chuckle, but Rabbi Glantz means it seriously. He is thrilled when, a few years later, a family contacts him because the petite little kippah no longer fits on the once tiny head.

Ploni Website 2024 Bris Certificate.jpg
Kippah warranty certificate Rabbi updated 2024 copy.jpg
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