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"Cost should not be a factor in choosing a Moyel.  Let no amount stand between a family and a bris."


When a family hasn't already an idea of a 'going rate' for a moyel, Hazzan can give you some guidance and will be glad to speak about this in greater detail.  It is certainly appreciated when one takes into consideration the extra time a mohel has spent with them and the costs associated with the distance.  Nonetheless, from the outset of his practice that began in New York in the winter of 1991, Howard has never set actual fees.


Whatever is given, it is usually done on the day of the bris.  That said, Howard does not wait with his hand out. Something can always be mailed or given during a follow up visit.  Cash and personal checks are acceptable, but for those who prefer electronic payments, Paypal will process credit card payments for a fee.


The quote at the top of the page, is attributed to Hazzan Glantz's teacher, Dr. Jacob Shragowitz. In Howard's words, "This was his manner and that of his father Rabbi Moses Shragowitz (also a moyel) of conducting themselves. I honor them by maintaining their family tradition." 


When staying overnight or an unusual amount of travel time is required, Hazzan Glantz may suggest an appropriate amount.  




When parking is challenging and it is possible, please reserve a space for the Hazzan.  He will be bringing a few things in with him, thus unloading and reloading will be easier when parked closer.  

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