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Do you YELP!? Read the many reviews there.

The purpose of this YouTube page is to assist families who wish to review the Hebrew sections of the liturgy prior to the day of the bris.  No one has to practice, as all the Hebrew is transliterated in English characters and it is stressed that fluent Hebrew even Israeli fathers, usually prefer to repeat the bracha (blessing) phrase by phrase after Rabbi Glantz.  








This link will bring you to my Facebook page for me as a moyel.

I invite you to 'like' my page and please, write a review of me on Google or Yelp once you've used my services.  


This is the link to Howard's personal Facebook page. It isn't limited to people who are 'friended', yet Rabbi Glantz says, "I am always happy to have new Facebook friends." That said, his facebook page is mostly for family and events at my congregation, Congregation Adath Jeshurun in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania.

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