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Post Operative Instructions

For one full week:


At every diaper change replace the dressing which is simply a 3 x 3 inch gauze pad liberally coated on one side with Bacitracin or a similar ointment.


The dressing should cover the glans of the penis (which we know as ‘the head’). You do not need to wrap and certainly do not tape the gauze; just place it down, close the diaper and the diaper itself will keep the gauze in place.



The skin on the circumference of the penis and glans (head) may be red for several days after the bris. Small amounts of blood may be found on the gauze or diaper. These changes are a natural part of the healing process and are generally not causes for alarm. 


While hygiene is important, we don’t want to be aggressive near the wound. Urine is generally sterile, but in the case of stool on or near the penis, gently squirting lukewarm water from a bulb syringe is the safest method for removing feces. 

If you are concerned at anytime and feel that your child needs attention, call Hazzan on his cell 267-217-BABY(2229). If you get voicemail, and do not receive a call back within a few minutes, follow up with a text.  He may request that you take photographs and text to (215-439-5033) or email them to which will allow him to assess the situation quickly and advise accordingly.


There is no bad time to call or a ‘stupid’ question. Hazzan Glantz is pleased to provide as much follow up care as you need.  In the rare circumstance that he is not available, you must seek another professional's attention (pediatrician, etc) immediately.

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