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Hazzan Glantz prides himself on being available to everyone. If parents are agreed that they desire a circumcision for their infant son, he can help!  No family is ever turned away based on financial matters, religious belief, or sexual orientation.


Eager to make interfaith couples feel comfortable and valued, Hazzan will gladly work with you to create a bris ceremony that is meaningful to your Jewish and non-Jewish family and friends.  Even when both parents are born Jewish, some of those who attend the event may not be of the faith. Throughout the ceremony Glantz explains the biblical roots of our tradition and invites those assembled to repeat after him the appropriate Hebrew verses and prayers followed by the English translation.

See the testimonial page for many positive comments from interfaith families.










We are blessed in our area to have a resource center specifically devoted to supporting interfaith families. The articles and programs you will find at their website may be of interest to you.








Not Jewish at all? When called upon by completely non-Jewish families who wish Hazzan Glantz to perform circumcision for their son, he is honored. At his website,, you will find a focus on only the procedure itself without ritual.​

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