1 Kiddush cup (Any cup will do, however, a nice silver cup can be used during his Bar Mitzvah, wedding and throughout his life)


Sufficient kippot (head coverings) for your guests.  Hazzan Glantz makes and brings matching kippot for Dad and Baby with Hebrew and English names painted on the light blue suede.  There are Moms who wear kippot as well - let Hazzan know and he is glad to accomodate.


1 bottle of sweet, kosher grape wine or grape juice (The remainder may be saved and marked "to be used for a toast" at your son's future Bar Mitzvah, Wedding, etc.) be sure to purchase only red (may appear purple) grape wine or grape juice.  Blackberry is usually not acceptable.  Fine wines may be terrific for your guests, but babies have not developed such tastes yet so the sweeter, the better.


2 receiving blankets for after the Bris - the type from the hospital are fine.  These are intended for mother (usually) to hold, so that when baby is returned, he is warm and can be swaddled.


3 diapers and wipes just in case!


1 standard size bed pillow


1 small wastepaper basket (with liner)


2 large tubes of Polysporin ointment. Polysporin is recommended, however, Neosporin, Bacitracin or any Triple Antibiotic is acceptable.  These products are all sold with pain relief and while it is not necessary, it is acceptable.


2 boxes sterile gauze pads (25 count each) of 3x3 inch.  It is important to purchase   something closest to the pictures below. 2x2's are too small and 4X4's will be too big.  Pads labeled non-stick, adhesive tabs or rolled gauze, will not suit the needs of your baby.      

The Hazzan will plan to be at your home one-half hour before the set time of the ceremony.   This is time to set up and confirm all the elements of the service so that everything runs exactly as you would like.  It is best when all these items are already in place at this time in the room where you intend to hold the ceremony.

In addition, families are urged to time feedings on the day of the bris so that 1 hour before the bris ceremony is to begin, baby has stopped nursing or having bottles.  Being a little hungry will both increase his interest in the sweet wine or grape juice, and increase his motivation to nurse or take a bottle immediately after the procedure and the ceremony continues with the naming prayers.